12th Avenue is a proudly South African online clothing brand focused on locally manufactured, start to finish, affordable clothing and accessories. We are aware of the never-ending demand for up-to-date trends, styles and fashion in our ongoing, youthful world of change. 12th Avenue intends to meet those demands while satisfying the customers’ needs.


12th Avenue’s founder, Ismaeel, explains how he created 12th Avenue. He says 12th Avenue started as an idea back in 2016, when I, at the age of 14 had a sudden passion for fashion. Unfortunately, I could not find local brands offering what I was looking for. I began exploring the web and following fashion bloggers and soon realised that the South African fashion industry isn’t exposed to the fashion industry like other parts of the world. Inspired by local and international trends, I decided to fill this niche with my own twist on it. 12th Avenue started with limited resources, a lot of passion and 2 fashion items. With your help however, we were able to grow our brand and release exclusive collections seasonally. This is a glimpse into the future of what is to come.”


Each 12th Avenue product starts off as a simple idea on a piece of paper. We draw inspiration from current trends from around the world.
The wheels then start turning from the drawing board of sketches to the pattern making and fabric sourcing. Our designs are then placed in the trusty hands of our manufacturers whose precision and excellence allows our ideas to end up in your closet.
Limited quantities are produced to ensure authenticity and exclusivity. With a focus on quality and construction, our products are made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.